A Regional Man.

“Regional man, I’m a regional man and I’ve been workin’ just as fast as I can.” This is the soundtrack that greeted me as I walked into Whole Foods this afternoon. It was being sung (over and over and over) by an elderly gentleman who works there bringing carts in from the parking lot, stacking baskets and generally making the store a sweeter place to be. I’ve seen him before. He’s usually standing near the entrance patting children on the head, singing, shuffling carts around, and just being sunny. This takes the Walmart greeter position to the next level.

I tried to look up the song online to see where it came from. Since I could find nothing that was even remotely resembled his lyrics, I am beginning to think he made it up. I can’t figure out if he’s a little “not all there” or if he’s just that cheery. It’s a sad commentary on me that when I see a person who does their job singing and making merry I question if he may be a bit off. Do you have to be a loon to be joyful? Must one have an arrested capacity to process the world in order to enjoy it?

Maybe you just need the humility that doesn’t care what the world thinks when you sing your happy song. Maybe people think it’s strange and maybe it is, but I know that hearing him sing his “regional man” song (which has been going through my head ever since) brought delight to my visit. I like the way he surprised me and forced a smile on my face when I didn’t expect it. Not too many sane people can do that, so if he’s crazy, I don’t mind.

Jenkintown Whole Foods “regional man”, I salute you.


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