The Forum.

I’ve never been one to go around answering questions on Internet forums, but boy, am I glad there are people who do.

Recently I’ve been suffering no small bit of anxiety over a very large goose-egg-style bump on my lower shin. It’s the result of repeated injuries to that exact same location (feels great, thanks for asking) and now, even with ice and elevation, it persists, unchanged in size. The only good news to report is that it hurts a little less than before.

Well, the whole thing didn’t seem right to me. Shins aren’t supposed to do this. Something is going on under the surface, but for heaven’s sake what? When I mentioned my anxiety to a friend she said, why don’t you look on the Internet?

Sure. I tried that. We all know that the Internet is today’s go-to guide for how to treat anything from slivers to gunshot wounds. But type in anything related to “swelling in leg” and you get a whole lot of hits about high blood pressure, edema, heart problems, sprained ankles and every other problem that might cause a leg to swell, but not having anything to do with my particular ailment.

No, she continued, type it in exactly like you said. Something like “what do I do for a goose-egg on my leg.” I figured it couldn’t hurt and I certainly wasn’t going to go to a doctor, so I was open to suggestions.

Wouldn’t you know it turned up exactly what I was seeking. From Yahoo answers to specific martial arts and Muay Thai forums, dozens of people had weighed in on the goose-egg-on-shin condition—how you get it (generally being kicked or kicking someone else with the shin), what it is (swelling and probably calcium deposits), how to treat it (ice, heat, elevation, and time), and how long it lasts (a month to forever).

This short investigation immediately erased my fears that a painful surgical drainage procedure involving knives and needles was my imminent fate. All of these knowledgeable, or at least experienced, individuals had taken the time to describe the problem in detail and then tell the world it was really nothing to worry about.

I went to bed much relieved, and even delighted.


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