At least eighteen times the Bible refers to Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey. And let me tell you, God really meant business on this one. While for centuries the jury was out on the honey issue, recent excavations have finally brought forth the long-elusive Israeli apiaries. But the honey, though splendid I’m sure, is not the subject of my paean.

Though it might sound funny, one of my favorite parts of my trip to Israel was their dairy products. Sure, the antiquities were marvelous, but I ate Greek-style strained yogurt of unspeakably high fat content with an enviable frequency. Our grocery stores here in the U.S. feature the 0%, the 2% and maybe the occasional 8% varieties. But while I was unable to read much of the other Hebrew labeling, I could generally guess what the big 28 on the label was referring to. Heaven.Had.Come.Down. And I was eating it with a big spoon.

Every kibbutz and hotel we stayed at had big bowls of this white delight every morning. No chintzy strawberry-aspartame-laden Yoplait, this was the real deal. Unadulterated and glorious, no additives required or desired. I would be lying if I said I never considered moving to Israel simply for the food.

And this galvanizes my point that Israel is one of the most delightful places on earth, ranking right up there with Disneyworld (ha). As I continue multiplying my delights on this blog, expect to see Israel making at least a few repeat appearances. There’s just so much enchantment crammed into one small place. Dairy is just a foretaste of wonders to come.


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