Grass Roots.

I wouldn’t normally think to define a group of biker chicks as delightful, nor say that reading about them brought a tear to my eye, but not all biker chicks are created equal.

Meet Las Guerreras (warrior women). This is a band of ten or so Mexican ladies who ride around Ciudad Juarez on pink motorcycles, dressed in purple shirts and a whole lot of leather. If you’re familiar with biker gangs, well, that’s what these ladies look like. They cruise the city, unafraid, as they visit and care for families who’ve been affected by the drug wars in their city.

Throughout the week they are housewives and factory workers, but come Sunday, these broads saddle up and start riding into the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Juarez to deliver food, medicine, and comfort to the people living there. According to the ladies, they do it for the joy of helping others, to demonstrate positive examples to young people, and so that Juarez will be known for more than drugs and killing. These chicks rock. Click here to see them.

I love missions and activism and grass-roots campaigns. I love passionate people who band together to do something useful. Since I have zero faith in government at any level, I think real action in society comes from individuals, and groups, and churches who are looking at the needs of their neighborhood, community, and world, and are dreaming some big dreams about how things could be different. It could be biker chicks or a group of high school students or a Sunday School class. A cause moves their heart and they move with it. These little movements and groups and initiatives are the stuff of world transformation.

Likewise, Mexican poet Javier Sicilia led a march against violence and is currently on a cross-country crusade protesting the violence that killed his son. Last weekend people marched from Mexico to Tucson for the annual Migrant Trail Walk to demonstrate support and solidarity to the thousands of migrants who dangerously make this trip. People are moving. They can no longer live in the world of their own families and affairs. They can no longer be silent and wait to see what the government will do. These tensions give birth to movements. And then, by God’s grace, change starts to happen.

I hear that Las Guerreras are looking to increase their numbers. Contact me to make a donation to “Jacki’s Pink Harley Fund.”


2 thoughts on “Grass Roots.

  1. Until you raise all the funds, it looks like someone might have an extra seat for you on the back of her Harley. This is great!

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