I like communicating with people in two basic ways: in-person and by email. Alright now, let’s see who’s paying attention. What then, using the process of elimination, is thus excluded? Potentially a lot of things like telegrams, messages in bottles, and smoke signals, but more relevantly, the telephone.

Greater than my distaste for talking on the phone is my loathing of the text. I made all attempts to avoid adding this feature to my already ancient dumbphone phone, but eventually I was fed up with the twenty cents per text charge and finally broke down and set up the texting plan. So for all of you out there who thought I was still textless, I guess the jig is up. Pls dnt txt me.

But I am getting to my point. Readers, or I should say former readers, of The Delighted Life know that this little blog has been in hiatus for a good nine months. And then a few nights ago I got a text from my sister that said simply, “I miss The Delighted Life.”

In less-than-perfect, choppy English I wrote back, “Hmm…might have to resurrect it. Life has seemed less delightful. It’s been a hard year.”

Her reply: “I know. Maybe even more reason to look at the good and delightful things.”

Of course she is right. It’s easy to be delighted in fair weather. It’s easy to see how great everything is when everything is so great. The bigger and truer challenge is to see how great everything is when everything isn’t so great. It forces a seeking, a probing beneath the surface, a commitment to recognizing what is beautiful and delightful when your vantage point is the shitter.

So here we go. We’ll see what comes. Maybe I am glad I got the texting plan.

7 thoughts on “Text.

  1. Welcome back. We’ve been less delighted in your absence. Sorry to hear that things have been tough. Dave

  2. Hooray! I missed the Delighted Life too! I’m so glad it’s back. Also, pls don’t txt me. I’m still paying 20 cents. Though from time to time, I don’t mind 🙂

  3. Im an avid texted and glad that our friendship will survive. I appreciate every text I get from you. Also, glad you’re back. I love your writings, and your thoughts.

  4. I can’t express how delighted I am that you are back on the Delighted Life train. It is truly a can’t-miss, must-read, one-of-a-kind blog which is really saying something in this day of Internet blather. I also had to smile when I read your first sentence… because I feel exactly the same way. Texting is, at times, a necessary evil but can be used for good as evidenced by your story. Looking forward to sharing in your search for delight.

  5. I have an iphone and my least favorite function is the phone part. Email and in person is where it’s at! Though I would say I prefer texting to actually talking on the phone.
    I’m glad the blog is back! I look forward to future delights.

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